Gloucester Computer Repairs

Today at Gloucester Computer Repairs we were asked to investigate as why this custom-built pc was having issues booting.

The Issue –

Due to the nature of the issue, we soon understood this was a software issue and not a hardware issue even though the motherboard was telling us there was a problem with the DRAM – after testing the ram slots and testing new ram we then tested the CMOS and bios battery within the motherboard.

further in our investigation, we noticed the customer has never done a bios update since installing the motherboard, we then proceeded to manually update the bios, and the problem was resolved and booted normally every time.

The Rebuild –

The customer also wanted us to upgrade the computer into a larger case with hidden cables and PSU/Hardrives we decided to go for the Fractal Pop XL Air RGB White Full Tower Tempered Glass PC Case to fit the customer’s requirements and color style.

In my end opinion, i thought the job went very well and the end product looked amazing with the new case and the great new style!

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